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Naweli is a digital company specialized in project management and software development

About Us

With a dedicated pool of experts we work as an integrated team to cover a broad range of technologies and industry requirements. Our technology team brings cross-sector expertise on innovation and key insights about how the broader industry is evolving to solve human needs. We have a core group of senior experts in France and Senegal in the field that we deploy to drive continuous improvement of processes and solutions.

Digital inclusion.

Sustainable development.

Social impact.


What we offer


Naweli’s cross-sector expertise help uncover the best tech to solve toughest business technology optimization problems in various industries.

Project Management

We dive into day to day reality and bring industry-leading solutions to address major social, political, economical, and environmental concerns.

Business Development

We are passionate about solving real problems, and we bring a fierce focus so we provide reliable and scalable business solutions that empower others.

Digital Solutions

At the heart of what we do every day are integrated digital solutions that bring efficiency, cost savings and answers to the needs of millions of people around the world.

Awesome Support

We are always available to help you, whether it be quickly answering questions, giving detailed answers, or providing fast and simple solutions to make sure you have an amazing experience.


We support the philosophy of sustainable development, which is underpinned by economic growth, human development, and sensitivity to environmental concerns.

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